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Trustee Company

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As independent professional trustees and trust administrators, we only answer to you. No up-sells. No hidden fees.


We ensure your trust meets the legal framework to protect your assets. Along with your trusted advisers, our role is to enable you to work towards your goals.


One size never fits all. We value relationships and respect the advice of your lawyer, accountant and financial planner. We work with all professionals leaving you free to choose your preferred advisers.

secure access

Your trust records (deeds, minutes, accounts) are available securely, on-line and may be accessed at anytime. Transparent record keeping and trustee/settlor access and control ensures efficient management and compliance of your trust.


We remove obstacles and provide you the assurance your trust is compliant with all legal requirements. As settlor and/or trustee, we work with you to make appropriate decisions, act on them, record minutes and maintain trust accounts.


We are independent, specialised trust management professionals with more than fifty years of combined trustee and business experience.


We serve clients everywhere.


  • $400 per annum plus GST

    Trusts protect your assets from the unknown events that life inevitably throws our way. Assets not in a trust risk exposure to creditors, failed relationships, excessive taxes and loss of control after you pass away. You can expect your trust to hold assets such as your home, holiday house and life insurance.


  • Priced after free assessment

    This type of trust holds assets which can be more complex and may change substance. These typically include, investment portfolios managed by financial advisers or shares in private companies which may own a business, rental or commercial properties or investments or a farm.


  • Priced after free assessment

    We welcome new trusteeships. If you are unsatisfied with your current trustee and want to replace them, let us make it easy for you. We work closely with your accountant, lawyer and financial advisers. Our focus is to maintain your trust to protect your assets.

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